Eyelash Treatments


Cashmere Individual Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Full Set £40

Infills £20/£25

Removal of Semi-Permanent Eyelashes  £10 

Lash Lift  £25

Cashmere Lashes

The exclusive design and unique material can increase the lash width without adding too much weight, ideal for fine natural lashes, they create  a bolder  look that have a beautiful sheen that make them pop on your eyes, The difference between these lashes and normal lashes is that the diameter of the lash is flat instead of round, giving a more glamorous look as the lashes appear thicker and this shiny flat lash will give your lashes a sexy wet look.

The design’s improvements include:

A fraction of the weight of normal eyelash extensions.

Retains its curl for twice as long.

Feels much softer than 0.07mm lashes.

Radiant shine.

Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelids.

If you want to keep your eyelash extensions lashes looking full and fabulous you will need a infill approx every

2-5weeks depending on what set of lashes is applied and the time between infills will depend on your natural lash cycle and what length and thickness of lash is applied and how you have looked after your  Lashes, caring for your lashes is simple, treat them with care, no rubbing and follow the aftercare advice given, infills prices are offered when you have about 50% of your lashes remaining, otherwise a full set charge will be applied.

Semi Permanent Eyelashes - Q&A

Are lash extension for everyone?

Can you have them even if your lashes are super short or really fair?

Yes, eyelash extensions are for everyone. Very fair people can have a lash tint prior to the application of extensions. Those with shorter and finer lashes can have more light weight lash extensions applied.

How does the application process of eyelash extensions work? How long does it take?

The application process takes approximately an hour and a half in the salon. The client is lying down with protective patches applied around the eyes. An individual eyelash extension is applied directly on top of the natural eyelash with a medical grade adhesive by a technician.

How long do semi-permanent lashes last?

The extensions last the life time of the natural lash that it is adhered to. A full set would last for up to 4-6 weeks, however a maintenance appointment at 2 weeks is recommended.

Are there any side effects?

No, although before application it is recommended that a skin sensitivity test is performed to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly. Please pop into the salon for a test at least 48hours before your eyelash appointment.

Can the length be adapted?

Yes. Length, thickness and curl can be adapted to create any image required.

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Lash Lift Treatment

How does it work?

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

How long will it take/last?

Around 45 minutes with a lash technician. It’s a closed-eye procedure too. Relax. Time for a power nap.

You’re then set for up to 6-8 weeks.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

The lash lift is a treatment for your lashes, perfect if you are wanting a break from semi-permanant eyelashes.

You can be assured that the products used have been specifically formulated and

tested to prevent damage to your lashes.

What aftercare is involved?

Lash lift (also know as LVL) is so low maintenance so other than a regular lick of a nourishing Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, you could say goodbye to mascara for good!